[Chimera-users] Exporting 3D File Formats

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Jun 30 10:50:16 PDT 2005

Hi Peter,

  Chimera can output VRML and X3D which is the next generation of VRML.
We also have some code to output OBJ format but it is not included in
the distribution.

  In Chimera snapshot version 1.2129 the VRML output is done with menu
entry File / Export Surfaces....  As the name implies it only writes out
surfaces (molecular surfaces, volumemetric contour surfaces, ...).  It
does not output molecular models (eg. ball and stick representations).

  The X3D output handles surfaces and molecular models and is accessible
using the Chimera command "x3dsave".  You would use Chimera menu entry
Favorites / Command Line, and then type x3dsave.  Here is documentation


The main trouble with X3D is that it is a very new standard and few
program support this format.  Our plan is to write or use outside
conversion software to go from X3D to more widely used formats.  This
should happen in the next 6 months.

  The Wavefront OBJ output is only for volumemetric contour surfaces
and surfaces from the multiscale model tool.  I wrote it for a specific
user and could provide it to you if you like.  It is not in the Chimera


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