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Ann Mullin amullin at tulane.edu
Tue Jan 18 09:07:00 PST 2005

As another fairly newbie, may I also suggest using the sequence window,  
setting the selection mode on 'Append', and using the mouse to select  
the residues you want. For me this is easier than the typing.

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On Jan 17, 2005, at 12:21 PM, Elaine Meng wrote:

> On Jan 17, 2005, at 7:52 AM, John Nixon wrote:
>> I'm a newbie and am having trouble getting started.  Sorry to be  
>> dense.
>> Using the command line on a single protein chain O
>> select  :32-42,44-49.O
>> or
>> rep sphere  :43:56:59:60:61:63:65:67:68:70:71:72:73:74:75:78:110:113.0
>> only seems to work on the last residue.  Thus  I'd have to write a  
>> separate command for each residue.
>> Could you tell me what I've missed please!
>   Hi John,
> Don't worry, this was almost right!  You can think of the chain ID
> as part of the residue specification, so that you need to put it
> on each residue number or range of residue numbers:
> select :32-42.o,44-49.o
> rep sphere  
> :43.o:56.o:59.o:60.o:61.o:63.o:65.o:67.o:68.o:70-75.o:78.o:110.o:113.o
> which is somewhat more of a pain to type, unfortunately.  The reason  
> is that
> theoretically there could be another chain that doesn't have an ID, so  
> residue
> numbers not together with a specification of chain O would specify  
> residues
> in the no-ID chain.
> There are a few more examples in
> http://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/chimera/docs/UsersGuide/midas/ 
> atom_spec.html#hierarchy
> I hope this helps,
>   Elaine
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