Just fixed Re: [Chimera-users] WinXP SP1 python error on File -> Open

Li Wang liwang at bmi.osu.edu
Tue Jan 4 11:43:45 PST 2005

Dear Eric,

I just join the Chimera-users discussion group and haven't got reply email.
However I checked the archive and found your reply email related to the
WinXP SP1 python error on File -> Open.

I have been using Chimera to generate the colorful ribbon picture for the
pdb file using command line. Now I am tring to figure out the general way of
defining the bfactor range corresponding to the different colors. I found
the flexible python code for making the rainbow color by bfactor and tried
it out. But it ended up with the file/open error message as I didn't see any
problem in the code.

Attached please find the copy of the python code. I did replace bo and b1 by
min and max of bfactors in the pdb file.

Your help and suggestion are greatly appreciated.

Li Wang
Biomedical Informatics of OSU
Columbus, OH
(w) (614)688-3236

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