[Chimera-users] Problem with Large Molecules

Private private at private.net
Mon Apr 11 16:58:46 PDT 2005

Dear Chimera Team:

I think your work on Chimera has been of very high quality. In fact, 
I've used it to produce print quality images for an upcoming book of 
mine. However, I've had some problems with displaying some large 
molecules, for example, 1AYM and 1P5Y. I use the PDB file for the 
molecule, but specifically the assumed biological model file, not the 
the asymmetric unit file.

I've been able to open the file in programs like Deepview and Raswin, 
but I can't open the file in Chimera.

I'm running Windows 98 with about 256MB of RAM, and what happens when I 
attempt to open the assumed biological model file Chimera runs for over 
an hour trying to open the file and then crashes with a page fault message.

I certainly would like to use the image capabilities provided by 
Chimera, so can you help me with this? Or is this simply a limitation of 

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