[Chimera-users] Chimera, Python, WindowsXP or AMD64 conflict?

David Piper piper at xserve.cvrti.utah.edu
Thu Sep 16 14:51:33 PDT 2004

   Wonderful software package!!!

   I am running successfully on my desktop (Intel P4 2.8 
GHz; Windows XP Professional) at the lab.

   On my eMachines M6807 notebook (Mobile AMD Athlon 64 
3000+, 800 MHz, Windows XP home edition) although I can 
start Chimera and open a PDB file, as soon as I try to do 
anything (say rotate the molecule) I get an error message:

   Assertion failed!
   Program: C:\Program Files\Chimera\pythonw.exe
   File: togl.c
   Line: 960
   Expression: res == TRUE && "Togl_MakeCurrent: failed"

   I did not see anything on your website addressing such 
a conflict, but hoped you might have a suggestion for me.


   David Piper

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