[Chimera-users] non-GUI use of Chimera

Charles Moad cmoad at indiana.edu
Tue May 25 14:49:14 PDT 2004

	If I start it remotely it cannot do the on screen rendering, so I will 
start it in the morning and send you a link.
	The SOAPpy.SOAPServer that I use to handle requests only handles one 
at a time.  I could have it spawn new processes/threads.  I would think 
that spawning threads to handle simultaneous requests would work if you 
have the preferences set to not listen for web data.  This would spawn 
new independent instances of chimera for each request.
	One may ask why not have the python/cgi script spawn the process 
directly and cut out the web service.  I tried this and found out from 
others who have tried similar things, apache does not like to spawn new 
processes from the cgi-bin.  They usually just return an error code.  
Also allowing the apache user access to the Xserver and chimera is 
difficult.  The SOAP code is VERY simple however.

- Charlie

On May 25, 2004, at 3:58 PM, Thomas Goddard wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
>   Can I try your Chimera web interface?  It's a neat idea that we may
> have other uses for.
>   I don't understand how your web server can handle multiple 
> simultaneous
> requests that require Chimera rendering.  If you send the requests to 
> one
> instance of Chimera that you keep running it is possible that a 
> request will
> get received in the middle of processing some earlier request causing 
> havoc.
> 	Tom

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