[Chimera-users] rainbow command with sub-models

Jarrod Smith jsmith at structbio.vanderbilt.edu
Wed May 12 15:26:29 PDT 2004

Hello all,

Is it possible to add a new "level" to the rainbow command such that each
submodel of a multi-model PDB file (MODEL/ENDMDL records) can be visited
separately by the rainbow command?  I have some pdb files with several
tens to hundreds of submodels in them.  Separating them by chain ID (so I
can use the rainbow chains command) has proven to be impractical for other
reasons, so this would be useful in such a case.

Thanks for the great software.

Jarrod Smith

Jarrod A. Smith, Ph.D.
Asst. Director, Center for Structural Biology
Research Asst. Professor, Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University

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