[Chimera-users] save session stripping TER statements from PDB's

Pattanayek, Sabuj sabuj.pattanayek at Vanderbilt.Edu
Fri Mar 12 11:54:42 PST 2004

In version 1.1892 (and older possibly), file > save session seems to be
stripping TER statements from PDB files. The TER statement is helpful for
specifically telling Chimera and other PDB viewers not to connect consecutive
residues in a PDB (for example ATP/water molecules at the end of a PDB that are
not part of the main protein chain).

Re-inserting TER's manually into the .py file can become cumbersome especially
when one PDB insertion in the .py is 27000+ columns long.

Would it be possible to fix this in future versions?

Thanks in advance,
Sabuj Pattanayek

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