[Chimera-users] Filled in/triangulated nucleotide base ring planes

Pattanayek, Sabuj sabuj.pattanayek at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon Jun 28 11:00:33 PDT 2004


I was wondering if I missed this feature in Chimera somewhere...a way to fill in
nucleotide base rings/planes, this is what I mean:

http://linegli.mc.vanderbilt.edu/~sabuj/1GQU_ribbons.png (using ribbons v3.2)
http://linegli.mc.vanderbilt.edu/~sabuj/1GQU_vmd.png (using vmd 1.8.2)

If you've ever used Ribbons you know it's a real pain to setup. I actually ended
up using Chimera's selection methods to create separate pdb files for inputs
into Ribbon's scripts, and it doesn't do multi-colored surfaces/transparency
very well. 

VMD as you can see is filling in the ribose sugars (which I don't want) and is
failing to fill in some of the bases. I tried recompiling it's code with some
modifications but failed due to some header problems. 

Anyways I was wondering if this feature might be added, if it already isn't
there, with the ability to choose colors for the base rings, or attribute
certain colors to groups of bases, etc.


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