[Chimera-users] v1.1951 save session not reopening grasp surfaces that were there before i saved session

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Jun 4 14:44:38 PDT 2004

Hi Sabuj,

  If I understand correctly you display GRASP surfaces in Chimera using
the DelphiViewer extension and color them using an electrostatic potential.
You are right that that information is not saved in Chimera sessions.
Unfortunately many Chimera extensions do not save what they do when you
save a session.

  Two ways of adding the GRASP session saving you want are possible but
both require significant work for us to implement.  It would help to
know which method would be best for you.  Then we can put it on our
requested features list and evaluate how hard it is and what priority
it has relative to other new features.

  The first method is for the DelphiViewer to remember all it's settings
and surfaces it made.  It would remember the potential files you used,
the GRASP surface files and the thresholds and colors you set.  Then when
reloading a session it would reread those files and recalculate the colors
for the surface.

  The other approach is that sessions would just remember the colored
surface directly but would not remember how DelphiViewer created it.
You wouldn't need to have the potential file around, but you also
wouldn't get back the threshold and color settings you originally

  Thanks for reporting the color editor opacity bug.  It will go into our
bug database and should be fixed in the next release.  If you can't find
a bigger bug than that (not counting missing features) then we are doing
pretty good.


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