[Chimera-users] chimera --send with multiple Chimeras

Dan Greenblatt dan at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Jul 22 12:33:12 PDT 2004

I'd like to supplement Tom's response by saying that, when using 
   'chimera --send'
with multiple instances running, whichever Chimera has most recently 
gotten focus
(i.e. been clicked in) will receive the 'chimera --send' command . 

(Of course, as Tom said, clicking Favorites->Preferences->Web Data 
implicity gives that instance of chimera the focus, thus making it the 
most 'recent')


Thomas Goddard wrote:

>Hi Sandeep,
>  If you have more than one Chimera running on a machine then
>"chimera --send" sends the file to the most recent one that is accepting
>connections.  Each time you change the Favorites/Preferences/Web Data option
>to accept connections, that Chimera becomes the most recent.
>  The way this works is there is a list of running Chimera instances
>that are accepting connections in file (on unix /tmp/chim_webinfo-<username>
>where <username> is your login name).  This file lists the Chimera
>process id and port number it is listening on.  The last line
>indicates the most recent Chimera that is accepting connections.  I
>wouldn't recommend relying on info in this file since the
>implementation may change in the future.
>	Tom
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