[Chimera-users] Labeling Residues

Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. s.molnar at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 1 12:14:33 PST 2004

Thanks, both you and Elaine, for your reply

First of all, I had made the Action selections you outlined below.

Now, I hate to be so dense (although, after a lifetime of practice at
it, I think that I'm rather good at being dense), but how do I select
the particular residue that I want to label in 1qti so that I can cut
and paste the information.  The reason that I want to label it in the
first place is so that I can identify the residue in the graphics
window.  Certainly Select/Residue/Name lets me pick all of the serine
residues in the protein, but I only want one of them labeled.

I hope that I haven't made my question even more murky than it
origionally was.

Eagerly awaiting your further explanation.

Thanks in advance.

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 10:35:22-0800 Eric Pettersen <pett at cgl.ucsf.edu>

> On Dec 1, 2004, at 7:43 AM, Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. wrote:
> > I have to admit to being completly flumoxed [sic] by this one!
> >
> > How do I label an individual residue:  According to help the format
> > is:
> >
> > wt %(1-letter code)s%(number)s
> >
> > Now I have an enzyme, 1QTI.pdb in which I wish to label the SER200
> > label.  I have tried every combination of the example on the help
> > page that I can think of without success.
> >
> > What is the exact format for creating that label?
> Hi Stephen,
> 	I just want to make sure we're on the same page first:  these 
> substitution codes only work when using the 
> Actions...Label...residue...custom dialog (i.e. not from other ways to
> place labels, such as the "label" command or by using the selection 
> inspector).  That said, the example works for me.  If I have SER200 in
> 1qti selected, and I cut-and-paste that format into the labeling
> dialog and hit OK, the residue is labeled "wt S200" in the graphics
> window.  What's the behavior when you do this?
> --Eric

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