[Chimera-users] interactive volume segmentation

Juha Huiskonen juha.huiskonen at helsinki.fi
Thu Dec 18 00:33:38 PST 2003

Hi Tom,

> A first step would be to make Chimera volume display able to use mask
> files that are produced by segmentation done with programs.

A segment file would be another grid with integer values specifying the
segment of the particular voxel. Density would be then divided into
subsets that could be treated as separate grids. Of course, one can also
do this outside chimera, and just read in multiple grids.

More generally, a nice concept would be the possibility of mapping
values from one grid to an isosurface calculated from another grid. The
isosurface would be then colored based on the mapped values. The mapped
value could represent a voxel belonging to some segment, or distance to
some other voxel (e.g. center of the model) etc.



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