[chimera-dev] Rotation about the axis of symmetry

Liam Browne liam.browne at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Nov 23 02:06:26 PST 2009

Hi all,

I want to rotate a model by 90 degrees about the axis of symmetry, but I seem to be having problems setting the axis correctly.

After two identical models are superimposed I use measure rotation and get the following:

  Matrix rotation and translation
    -0.04092271  -0.36724445   0.92922379 -82.20183653
    -0.91203666   0.39354649   0.11537022 -54.21831923
    -0.40806183  -0.84276490  -0.35104539  11.47082481
  Axis  -0.55288898   0.77167664  -0.31437070
  Axis point -56.22800779   0.00000000  25.47389901
  Rotation angle (degrees) 119.94780111
  Shift along axis   0.00338820

What should I do to rotate the model at the same axis but by 90 degrees?

Many thanks,
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