[chimera-dev] Error on command-line startup: OSX 10.5

Bernard Heymann Bernard_Heymann at nih.gov
Thu May 1 13:19:09 PDT 2008

When I start up Chimera from the command line under Leopard, I get a  
lot of messages such as:

The process has forked and you cannot use this CoreFoundation  
functionality safely. You MUST exec().
Break on  
() to debug.

Chimera still runs, but I thought this is probably something to be  
dealt with sooner than later. I did some digging and came across the  
following technical note from Apple:

The reference to the fork message is at the bottom of the page. I also  
found on another site the following advice for an X11 application:

"I've updated the OSX Readme TclTk build example to include an extra  
configure option:
Since the example is for an X11 TclTk build, CoreFoundation isn't  
really necessary, so this is OK."

Because Chimera uses Tk, I thought this might be something to try to  
avoid these error messages and possible instability down the line.

Bernard Heymann
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