[chimera-dev] new keyword arg for added commands

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Mar 26 15:02:34 PDT 2008

	If you have code that adds commands to Chimera using the addCommand 
() function, there is a new keyword to that function so that  
animation scripts can work better.  The keyword is 'changesDisplay'  
and is a boolean that defaults to True.  If your command typically  
changes the display in the main graphics window somehow the keyword  
should be True, otherwise False.
	It's needed so that as a script is executed, Chimera knows after  
each line whether a new frame is necessary or not.  For instance, for  
the 'alias' command the value is False since after executing that  
command in a script you would not want to record a new frame in an  


                         Eric Pettersen
                         UCSF Computer Graphics Lab

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