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Command: mcopy

mcopy  source  toAtoms  target  [ settings [c][s][v][h][l][x][y][p] | a ] [ matchResidues  true | false ]

The mcopy command copies display styles and other attributes from an atomic model to the corresponding part(s) of another atomic model. It does not act on molecular surface models, and it does not create new models. To copy an existing atomic model (along with its settings) to create a new model, use the command combine instead. See also: volume copy, preset, dssp

The source may include part or all of a single atomic model, and the target may include part or all of one or more atomic models other than the source. Model attributes, the attributes of any paired residues, and the attributes of any paired atoms (and the bonds between them) will be copied from the source to each target.

Residue pairing with matchResidues true (default) requires identical residue numbers, residue names, and chain identifiers. With matchResidues false, residues are simply paired in the order they are given in the source and target specifications. Either way, pairing atoms within the residues requires identical atom names. Any unmatched atoms and residues (those in target but not in source) will be ignored, but their existence noted in the status line.

Characters after the settings keyword (default csv) control which attributes are copied:


mcopy #1 to #2 settings a
mcopy #1 to #2-10 set csvl

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