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Command: material

materialpreset ]  options

The material command sets material properties for light reflection, through individual options and through presets that may change more than one parameter at a time. Currently, all objects use the same material properties. See also: lighting, set

Given without arguments, material reports the current settings in the Log.

The preset can be:


Parameters that are not specified retain their current values.

reflectivity  fd
Set the fraction of directional light that is reflected diffusely, equally in all directions (default 0.8). There are two directional lights, key and fill (details...).
specularReflectivity  fs
Set the fraction of key light that is reflected specularly, like a mirror (default 0.8). The amount of spread is controlled by the specular exponent.
exponent  s
Set the specular exponent, which controls the spread of specular highlights (range 0.0-128.0, default 30.0). Lower values yield larger, more diffuse highlights, while higher values yield more pointlike highlights. The effective highlight intensity varies as the cosine of the angle between the view direction and the direction of the reflected light, raised to the power of this exponent.
ambientReflectivity  fa
Set the fraction of ambient light that is reflected (default 0.8).
transparentCastShadows  true | false
Whether transparent items cast shadows (default false) when ambient and/or directional shadowing is in use, see lighting. Shadow-casting by a transparent surface blackens objects inside the surface and detracts from the transparent effect. Due to limitations of the graphics implementation, shadows from a transparent surface are just as dark as if the surface were completely opaque.

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