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Command: defattr

defattratom-spec ]  attr-file  [ log  true | false ]

The defattr command assigns attribute values from an attribute assignment file. (This command is deprecated since the same thing can now be done with the open command instead.) It is possible to define new attributes or to (re)assign values for existing attributes of atoms, residues, and atomic models. The attr-file is specified by its pathname, or by the word browse to specify it interactively in a file browser window. If an atom-spec is given, assignment will consider only the models containing the specified atoms. Of course, whether attribute values are actually assigned to those models or their parts depends on the contents of the attribute assignment file.

The log option indicates whether to report details of the assignments to the Log.

The related command setattr assigns attribute values directly, but is less practical for large-scale assignment since only a single value can be given per command. See also: info

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / October 2020