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changechains  from-chains  to-chains  atom-spec

Changechains reassigns chain identifiers, where from-chains is an existing chain identifier or comma-separated list of identifiers and to-chains is the desired chain identifier or comma-separated list of identifiers in the corresponding order. The scope can be limited to specific models with an atom-spec, where from-chains will be reassigned to to-chains in only the models with at least one specified atom. For chain identifiers, case is important.

For example:

changechains A,B B,A
- reassign all chain A as chain B and vice versa

It is not possible to change the identifier of only part of a chain. The Change Chain IDs graphical interface can be used to handle multiple disconnected chains with the same ID.

If the reassignment would give one or more duplicate residue numbers within a chain, an error message will appear and the reassignment will not occur.

See also: resrenumber, write