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Chimera on Compaq Tru64 UNIX 5.0/5.1 Platforms

Hardware graphics acceleration is extremely desirable. For Compaq Alpha platforms, both the 4D51T and PowerStorm 350 graphics cards have been tested and perform reasonably well.

Here's what you need to do to get chimera working on your Compaq system:

(1) Ensure that OpenGL is installed.
The DEC OpenGL library is an optional product that is shipped with your graphics card device drivers. If /usr/shlib/ does not exist on your workstation, then the OpenGL product has not been installed. Consult Compaq documentation for details on installing the OpenGL product. Note that the /usr/shlib/ provided with the PowerStorm 350 card may not work correctly. You may have to copy that library from another workstation with a different graphics card or request a replacement from DEC.

(2) Upgrade your C++ runtime software subset.
Chimera needs a newer version of the C++ runtime software subset than what came with Tru64 UNIX V5.0 and V5.1 (we expect this version to be standard with V5.2). If you haven't installed the C++ 6.5 compilers, you should download the C++ 6.5 runtime. Next, remove any existing C++ runtime by using setld -d subset on the subsets found with setld -i | egrep "CXX(LIB|REDIST)". Then install the new C++ runtime by running setld -l CXXREDIST632.kit. You will need to be the super user (root) to upgrade the C++ runtime.

(3) Download latest Chimera release.
A small minority of browsers may download the file as If yours does, rename the file to chimera1.exe. You will probably have to chmod +x chimera1.exe to make it executable. Run chimera1.exe. It should install everything you need. You might want to read the release notes.

If, in response to clicking the download link, your browser returns an error saying that access is denied then you may be behind a firewall that disallows outgoing http connections to ports other than port 80 (the download link goes to port 8000). You need to either access the download link from a machine that is outside your firewall, or have your firewall administrator temporarily allows connections to port 8000. As a last resort, you can send mail to us identifying yourself, saying you agree to the license terms, and specifying what platform you need Chimera for, and we will send you the installer for that platform in a few days. It will be sent as a mail attachment, so your mailer will need to be able to accept large attachments.

(4) Update your runtime environment.
If CHIMERA is the top-level directory of the chimera installation, then you should add CHIMERA/bin to your command path. See your shell's documentation to figure out set the path or ask your system administrator.


Chimera does not yet provide a deinstallation program. Instead, follow these deinstallation instructions.

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