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Chimera on x86 64-bit Linux Platforms

The AMD64/EMT64 64-bit Linux version of chimera was compiled on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4. There are no plans for an Itanium (IA64) version (see below for SGI Linux).

If you have a 32-bit runtime environment installed (increasingly rare), then you might want to use the 32-bit versions of Chimera because it uses less memory (so it is faster too). But if you are viewing large data files (> 1 GB), then you need a 64-bit address space to avoid out-of-memory errors.

For downloading and installation instructions, see the 32-bit Linux installation instructions.

Running on SGI Linux/Itanium 2 Platforms

There are no plans for a Linux/Itanium 2 build of chimera. You can either run the 32-bit Linux binaries (emulated slowly) or run an older IRIX binary (emulated quickly). To run the IRIX binaries, you need to install Transitive's QuickTransit hardware virtualization software that used to come with every SGI Prism and Altix computer.

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